Mr. Matt Bannon, Director of Business Development

NEWPORT NEWS, Va., (Oct. 17, 2012) – Heightened tensions overseas required the John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group (CSG) to deploy 4 months early to the Central Command Area of Responsibility (CENTCOM AOR). With the Navy's dedicated adversary assets supporting other requirements, the Navy called upon Airborne Tactical Advantage Company (ATAC) to provide 100% of the tactical "red air" needed to prepare the CSG for its mission overseas. Due to an increased demand for adversary air support coupled with JCSCSG's accelerated timeline, ATAC completed the final certification exercise for Carrier Strike Group 3 and Carrier Air Wing NINE (CVW-9) during the two-week exercise. As the sole Tactical Adversary Air Support, ATAC provided eight tactical aircraft consisting of 4 Mk-58 Hawker Hunters and 4 F-21 Kfirs, all equipped with state-of-the-art Electronic Warfare (EW) equipment, to the Strike Group. Over the course of the exercise, ATAC jets flew nearly 100 hours, including Strike, Defensive Counter Air, and threat Air-to-Surface missile profiles, while maintaining a 98% sortie completion rate. Since 2004, ATAC has supported every Carrier Strike Group integrated exercise in preparation for combat deployment. "Supporting the JCS CSG was extremely rewarding for the men and women at ATAC, especially due to the JCSCSG's critical role supporting National Security abroad," says Jeff Parker, President and CEO of ATAC. The ability to meet the increased demand under short-notice conditions demonstrates ATAC's commitment "to be the recognized industry leader for tactical aviation training to US and allied militaries worldwide, delivering cost-effective, and continually advancing capabilities." CAPT Dell Bull, Air Wing Commander for CAG-9 stated: "Combat readiness starts with safe, efficient, value-added, realistic training which ATAC has provided and delivered with the utmost pride and professionalism."