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Scott Stacy   SCOTT STACY
General Manager
Scott "Brillo" Stacy is a retired Colonel with over 24 years of service with the U.S. Air Force (USAF) and Air National Guard. A Command pilot with over 4,000 hours, he is a Graduate of the USAF Fighter Weapons Instructor Course and recipient of the USAF Francis Gabreski Award and Dadaelian Outstanding Fighter Pilot award. In addition to operational experience he served with the 422 Test and Evaluation Squadron as a pilot and program manager, and was a USAF Fighter Weapons School F-15 Instructor Pilot. Following the Weapons School he served as both a Squadron and Wing Weapons Officer with the 325th Fighter Wing, and then worked on the Air Combat Command (ACC) staff in ACC Special Projects responsible for F-15 requirements as well as several Special Access Programs to include F-22 and F-35 operational issues.
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Mark Hubbard   MARK HUBBARD
Vice President, Navy Operations
Mark "Mutha" Hubbard is a retired Captain with 28 years of service with the U.S. Navy. A combat veteran with over 5000 tactical flight hours, 5 carrier deployments, over 700 arrested landings, and has over 4000 hours in all Type Models of the FA-18 Hornet. Mutha was the former Commodore of Strike Fighter Wing Pacific Commodore and Commanding Officer of Strike Fighter Squadron 151 where he led the first coalition strikes of Operation Iraqi Freedom into Iraqi on March 21, 2003. Mutha began his Naval career with VA-52 flying the venerable A6E Intruder, LSO cross-trained in F-14 Tomcat with VF-124, and later transitioned to FA-18 Hornets with VMFAT-101 where he served as an Instructor and Fleet Replacement Squadron Landing Signals Officer. He completed operational tours with VMFA-314, CAG Paddles tour with Carrier Air Wing Eleven, and a Department Head tour with VFA-115.
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Vice President, ATAC Adversary Center for Excellence
Dennis "Chim-Chim" Rieke is a retired Navy Commander with over 26 years of government service first as a Naval Aviator and later as a NASA Research Test Pilot before joining ATAC. He has accumulated over 4,400 flight hours in various Tactical and Test Aircraft and is a graduate of the United States Navy TOPGUN Adversary Course. His operational experience includes multiple Aircraft Carrier deployments and combat operations flying the F-14A in support of Operations Deny Flight over Bosnia-Herzegovina and Southern Watch over Iraq. His Adversary Instructor experience includes tours in four separate Navy Adversary Squadrons with extensive flight time in both the F-5N and FA-18A.
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Richard Zins   RICHARD ZINS
Vice President, Business Operations
Rich "Miggs" Zins is ATAC's Director of Business Development and has been with ATAC since 2011. A retired Naval Aviator with over 21 years of active duty service, Miggs has over 5000 tactical flight hours and 1100 arrested landings, mostly in the F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet. Mr. Zins commanded Strike Fighter Squadron Eighty Seven and directed the Navy's F/A-18 Integrated Test Team at Patuxent River, MD. He made 4 combat cruises with VFA-87, VFA-151 and CVW-2 staff, with shore tours at VX-23 as an F/A-18 and T-45 Experimental Test Pilot.
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