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ATAC Provides Commercial Air Services in support of Airborne Fighter and
Training Support for Defense Department Agencies

Mr. Matt Bannon, Director of Marketing

NEWPORT NEWS, Va., (May. 13, 2013) –ATAC (Airborne Tactical Advantage Company) recently saved the US Navy the equivalent of its 500-millionth dollar, as a result of ongoing and expanding contracts with the USN since ATAC's inception in 2004. By supplanting the Navy's more expensive F-18 "Hornet" in specific training scenarios with ATACs fleet of lower-cost civilian fighters that satisfy the USN's demanding training requirements, ATAC saves the USN over $16,000 per flight hour (2012 dollars).

As a result of almost 19,000 sorties over the course of nearly two decades, ATAC's fleet of civilian-operated and –maintained fighter aircraft have allowed the USN to effectively save the equivalent of over 130 "Hornet Years" of airframe aging, presuming an F-18 would fly 230 hours per year in USN fleet service. The savings in operating costs while sustain the same combat-readiness levels, coupled with the reduction in airframe aging of its workhorse F-18 Hornet fleet, doubly illustrate the quantifiable value that ATAC's expert services provide the US Department of Defense. The elegant advantage of this relationship is that both types of savings (dollars and airframe hours) are reaped simultaneously, as opposed to the Service having to choose between one and the other.

Rarely has a program so effectively operated within the constraints of a stagnant or declining budget. Nevertheless, as evidenced by ATAC's historically increasing contracted flight hours, the senior leadership within the Department of Defense is increasingly cognizant of the value of supplanting its necessary adversary replication capabilities with civilian providers. Since adversary pilot duties would otherwise consume a combat aircraft, and a combat pilot, not only are the monetary and airframe savings self-evident, but the burden on active duty personnel who would be otherwise engaged outside of a combat-deployable occupation is decreased, effectively providing more combat-available pilots and aircraft to Fleet/Combatant Commanders without increasing recruiting, primary and advanced pilot training requirements, or aircraft acquisitions.

ATAC aircraft and pilots enhance operational training by augmenting or replacing combat-coded aircraft and aircrew as adversary surrogates, saving millions of dollars in annual operating costs by utilizing more efficient threat-replicating civilian-owned and -maintained fighter aircraft instead of front-line 4th and 5th generation fighters, maintained for operational wartime purposes. Furthermore, the Services' fighters airframe-aging, service life, and fatigue problems are reduced at a one-to-one ratio whenever an ATAC fighter supplements a USN, USMC, or USAF fighter in "adversary" formations. The economic case for ATAC grows proportionally stronger as the Services' front line aircraft are stretched to cover the gap created by the JSF's increasingly delayed and increasingly expensive acquisition.

ATAC operates a fleet of over 23 aircraft, consisting of three distinct airframe types, across three continents, from five permanent facilities and multiple deployed or detached airfields, supporting US military training around the clock, around the world. ATACs fleet of fighter aircraft is uniquely selected to meet the rigorous and demanding requirements established by the USN or the USAF, in order to most efficiently deliver superlative training at a reasonable cost.

ATAC's training services repertoire ranges from basic air intercept control profiles to advanced, highly integrated dissimilar adversary training, as well as providing a Close Air Support (CAS) platform for upgrading Joint Terminal Air Controllers (JTACs). Specific missions also include Navy Fleet Integrated Training, opposition force, aggressor support, target towing, electronic warfare, and large force, multi-national ship and fighter exercises. In addition to the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Marines, customers include other Department of Defense and non-DoD agencies and allied FMS customers.


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